Monday, September 22, 2008

La Empieza De Un Año Escolar

So, I've been here in this crazy country now for almost a week. Its been crazy since I got here; I like it a lot though. Last Sunday, I got up at like 7 am, and my parents drove me down to San Francisco; that was a humbling experience. Realizing how much my parents really love me, and how much they will miss me, and I will miss them. So, I got on the first plane, bound for Toronto, Canada. This flight wasn't too bad; I got to watch some movies, and I had an aisle seat also. As soon as I got to Toronto, I had to hurry to my next flight; it was already boarding when I got there. So, I got on it and we left Toronto for Madrid, España. We had the screens in the back of the seats once again, so I watched more movies, slept and listened to music. In the late morning, I got to Madrid. Now, I had been praying that nothing would happen to my luggage, because I had heard that people's luggage gets lost a lot. So, when I got to Madrid, I went by the luggage carousel to see if my bags were there. I saw only one bag, so I was kind of worried; worried that it might not get on the other plane, or that my other bag was lost, and hadn't made it to Spain. So, I was praying all day that nothing would bad happen. I had several hours to rest and relax in the airport, waiting for my next flight, to Valencia. It was so hard, because there wasn't much to do there, and I had almost the whole day there. I didn't want to go to sleep, because I had my computer, and other important things, and didn't travel with anyone. So I had to watch all my stuff. Finally, came the time when my plane left for Valencia. This flight was really bad; I fell asleep, and woke up by the plane landing. The pilot was not good at landing, obviously. So, I got off the plane, and headed inside; to find that the bag that I saw in Madrid, was not there. I talked to the SpanAir people and they told me that they would find it and I would get it within a couple days. Now, I got here, on Tuesday; they didn't find the bags until Friday!! Fortunately I had enough clothes in my backpacks to last me for a little while. All this time, I never stopped praying. Praying for my bags to be found, so that I wouldn't have to worry about them. And of course, God found my bags, and got them here, to me.